Thanks, March is missing from the crowd calendar FYI. When the parade comes to a stop, a vibrant performance featuring lively music and vivid colors will blossom. We put together a calendar that shows the best time to go to Disneyland during the whole year, including peak travel times. Many of them dont even trytheyre simply automated calendars based on school schedules and historical data that is not even relevant. Heres how those numbers breakdown below following the estimates from O.C. The Walt Disney World Park Hopping capacity hotline phone number is (407) 560-5000. ``'The Happiest Place on Earth' is a lot happier today than it's been in more than a year as Disneyland reopens with limited capacity. Disney has refreshed the Disney Park Pass inventory for Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World during the TRON Lightcycle Run preview period. Summer months tend to be in the high 80s while winter months tend to be cooler in the 40s. 12/28/18 Disneyland Park again closed for new guests, but this time allowed guests to buy 1 day tickets and enter California Adventure, then be issued a specific return time to enter Disneyland. 2023 Crowd Calendar. Also important to note is that on days with longer hours, Disneyland will have more entertainment scheduled. Anniversary Event "Tokyo Disney Resort 40th 'Dream-Go-Round'". and ticket prices fluctuate throughout the year making a, We also include extra magic hours, and special events when predicting, Although these events are typically held during off-peak times, we can see crowd levels spike during the fall. Calendar dates are blocked out when Disneyland decides a capacity level has been reached for pass holder reservations. We did buy Maxpass to get the most out of our trip, and have 3 park days. For official information concerning Disney, visit Consult ourGuide to Disneys 100th Anniversary Celebration at Disneyland & DCA for everything you need to know about those and the Disney100 festivities. Inside the Magic consists of multiple writers & videographers living near both Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks and around the world. When it comes to wait times for rides, many were hoping that Disney World would bring back its FastPass+ option, which allowed Guests to choose a time frame for select rides to bypass the standby line. They typically are created a year in advance, so most information is estimated. We will automatically pick the best days for your family to travel for that given month, and exclude the, By tracking ride wait time data over the years we have been able to pick up patterns. We also include special events going on around the park! (In theorysee the above note about staffing which illustrates why this is not always true.). Copyright 2023. Apr 15, 2023 Mar 31, 2024. Multiple times throughout the day the rides we selected would be temporarily down. Toy Story Mania was down all day. With the guest distribution skewed towards locals, a common scenario is that congestion is worse but wait times are lower. Required fields are marked *. What To Do if Disneyland Reservation are Full, What To Do if Disneyland Reaches Capacity, Disneyland is operating at full reservation capacity, You can see the Disneyland availability calendar here. Im going to Disneyland over Presidents Day weekend. Some more popular days fill up quicker, like weekends and the days between Christmas and New Years. April 16 With wait times for rides upwards of two hours and multiple rides breaking down while we were in lines, Disney is not capable of handling full capacity anymore. New Child Policy. Read up on things to do when its super crowded. Disneyland is operating at full reservation capacity. Although schools do vary their Spring Break schedules, dont expect the parks to be any less busy because of somewhat-staggered Spring Breaks. In fact, many are saying that Walt Disney World is operating its attendance on apre-pandemic level, but we now have confirmation that is not true. Make sure you check Disneylands park hours calendar when planning your trip. One of the benefits of staying at Disneyland hotels is extra magic hours. When Disneyland reopens on April 30, it will do so with reduced crowds 25% capacity per the orange tier guidelines but without fast passes or single rider lines. Basically, these events are the D23 Expo (every other year, towards the end of summer or early fall), Gay Days (fall), HalloweenTime at Disneyland (late summer and fall), CHOC walk (fall), Holidays at Disneyland (fall and winter), and Grad Nites (spring). Hi Tom, curious where would you rank the last week of November 2022 in terms of crow predictions. Second, reservation availabilityor rather, lack thereofhas another huge impact. Even if you can get back in, you may not want to. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This article has some spots for advance parking reservations off site but close enough to walk. In terms of whats happening right now, the 100 Years of Wonder Celebration just kicked off with the World of Color ONE and Wondrous Journeys nighttime spectaculars. Grad Nite. This resource will help you choose when to go and days to avoid, since higher attendance means longer lines & wait times at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. Limited-Time Runs Ending Sept. 1 at Disneyland Park: Ignite the night at Main Street Electrical Parade; Disneyland Forever dazzling fireworks show at Sleeping Beauty Castle; Witness dreams coming to life in the breathtaking Fantasmic! Real-Time Crowd Tracking If at all possible, wed recommend avoiding all dates between March 8, 2023 and April 16, 2023. This has been our worst Disney trip ever, and weve been to DL at Christmas and New Years as well as Halloween. On Monday after 8 a.m. PT, the reservation system will launch for people who had purchased tickets. Weekends forget it (ALTHOUGH, its sometimes possible to find weekend cancelations morning-of or night before; rare, but happens.) Our Disneyland crowd calendar includes the daily openings and closings for all Los Angeles theme parks. Theme park attendance fluctuates significantly throughout the year, so choose the optimal dates for your next magical vacation by avoiding crowds during peak season. This is the entire point of reservations. Cast Members) to weekends, while also releasing more park reservations for those dates. But theres a few things you can do in advance to plan for capacity issues. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Utilize Disney Genie Plus to get on multiple popular rides earlier in the day. I was prepared for long wait times, so we spent the $30 per person per day for Genie service. Related: Guest Calls Disney World an Absolute Zoo Due to Overly Packed Crowds. . Goodbye, Brie Larson? Suffice to say, there are a lot of wildcards that make 2023 Disneyland crowd calendars less reliable than in normal years. Note that Disney Genie+ options can and will run out earlier in the day. Speaking of which, school schedules, weather, special events, park hours, and more may all affect when you want to visit Disneyland. End of August through the beginning of October. It is still an important part to consider when booking your next trip. With good plans for touring the parks or strategic use of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, this isnt true. Get in touch with Jessica: [emailprotected] dot com, We're not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or Disneyland. The maximum number of people allowed in the parks should not increase until after constructions begins and finishes on an another attraction that is not presently announced or under construction. The Park Prodigy's Los Angeles Crowd Calendar is the best tool to see how busy each theme park will be during a specific month, week, and day. How many people does it take to reach capacity? Similarly, your sleep habits make a difference here. Disney100 Celebration at Disneyland Resort begins. (For example, most districts in Utah share a common fall break, and that long weekend gets really bad.) Assuming lag of a few weeks between approval and vaccination, that could mean a busier than normal Christmas season. We update our Disneyland California Crowd Calendar using the latest park events, national holidays, universities & k-12 school year plus our own personal wait time data and vacation planning experience. But it looks like disneyland hotel and many surrounding hotels are booked when we want rooms (Sept 18-21) Do you know why? Shanghai Disney Resort parking lots will be at or near full capacity during the weekends and holidays. If youre a night owl, days with shorter hours may be a bad idea, as by the time you roll out of bed, you may find that you only have a few hours to enjoy the parks. To use your Park Hopper ticket, you will start in the park you have reserved. Your email address will not be published. Predictions prior to then are less accurate, and dont include current trends, park reservations, and recent wait time data. Another main issue is that with the number of people in the Parks right now, it seems more crowded than it may be simply because not all of the offerings at Walt Disney World have returned yet. Also, on capacity days, security lines are exceptionally long. While this calendar is subject to change, it doesnt change nearly as much as Walt Disney Worlds calendar, which is almost never accurate when first posted. Easter is late April this year and we are thinking of going the middle of the week after. Disneyland crowd calendars change regularly due to a variety of factors, including marketing, discounts, park hours, new attraction openings, special events, Anaheim Convention Center events, and even weather (good or bad). But since I have the parking one, I still do the after work pop-in. You still want a ticket attached to your account. Hi. Could Back to the Future Return in the Place of The Simpsons at Universal? This allows you to narrow down the months, weeks, and days of your next magical vacation. Texas and anything east of it are all pretty much Walt Disney Worlds market. I guess thats good news for us, but well see! If you do leave the park and are hoping to get back in, a dining reservation might help plead your case. Do you agree or disagree with our advice about Disneyland crowd calendars, California weather, special events, school schedules, or anything else here? That entire stretch is Spring Break season, and will be busier than dates in early March or mid-April through late May 2023. Buy Discount Universal Studios Orlando Express Passes 2023, Buy Discount Tickets to Universal Orlando 2023, Buy Discount Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets 2023. Thanks for all the information you provide! Annual Pass is $1299; You can also pre-purchase Memory Maker for the photo pass photography and buying early gets you a discount. Though I have only rarely seen times when entrance to a park has been . Our Universal Hollywood Crowd Calendar 2023is best used to simply avoid the busy days at the park, and visit during the slow days instead. May. These 2023 Disneyland and DCA crowd calendars will help you choose when to go to the parks, based on a variety of variables: school schedules, holiday breaks, typical travel times to Southern California, and more. As this continues to happen, the balance of attendance in the parks will shift way from tourists and towards locals. They go that fast, theres no time to buy. After 11:00 AM, the extra magic of your Park Hopper kicks in and you can hop back and forth between the two parks as long as they are open. Our Disney World Crowd Calendar uses a rating system from 1 to 5 for each of the Walt Disney World theme parks. By contrast, weve never observed much of an impact from Oregon, Washington, or any other states. Due to high demand, Shanghai Disney Resort parking lots will be at or near full capacity during the weekends and holidays. limit the number of reservations that a pass holder can have at one time. Can you add this, pretty please? This means (theoretically) that Disneyland can better control crowds, traffic flow, staffing and more during your visit. This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with The Walt Disney Company. Maybe Genie will fix this. Inside the Magic reader Chris pointed this out, saying: I think they need to keep the maximum number of people allowed as it is right now, but bring back all attractions, shows, restaurants, etc. PRIVACY POLICY. Lightning Lane actually doubled their wait time. What to do if Disneyland reaches capacity during your visit, how to get sold out reservations days and how to deal when youre there on the busiest days of the year. Universal will get my money. Big Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, M&M Runaway Railway, Smugglers Run, Pirates, the train, ROTRthere were always tons of rides down on one of the busiest weeks of the year. Its also worth noting that Disneyland typically does not release park hours more than a few months in advance, which means the reliability of crowd calendars is lower further out from any given month. I wish it was magical but I think Walt and Roy are turning over in their graves. June 2, 4, 7, 9, 14, 16 We need to lock in our vacation days and unfortunately June and July are really the only times we can go. Required fields are marked *. Validate your book to receive a discount! This is one Disney fan they have lost. We compile this information using historical data from the past several years. By tracking ride wait time data over the years we have been able to pick up patterns. Lake Mead water levels as of Thursday, March 2, 2023 . The event tends to make Disney California Adventure more crowded, so avoid going on these dates if you can. Make sure to pack some jeans, sweatshirts, and maybe even coats if traveling during the months of October through March. A negative number means that the average wait time was lower than our prediction; a positive number means the average wait time was higher than our prediction. Major districts in Northern California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona all can have a noticeable impact on crowds, as well. We did like going in April to WDW and will go again in Feb. Theres no telling how many new Magic Keys have been sold since becoming available again, but weve already felt and observed an impact on crowds and attendance in our visits to Disneyland in Winter 2023. I couldnt quite find that specific week in the article.

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